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A Message from Elizabeth Supeno

So visible now compared to 10+ years ago - governments, businesses, corporations, communities, citizens and consumers see the rise of environmental standards in a myriad of ways. The work in progress theme of ‘green’ and ‘responsible’ investing et al are seen to be nearer and dearer to the hearts of many corporate groups, investors, philanthropists and others. A harbinger of responsible investing, Calvert Investment cites, ‘Four Pillars of Responsible Investing – Performance, Research, Engagement and Impact’. The Netherlands has a time-tested expression for results based management - deeds not words. 

One can see an example of many green deeds through the development of CHER as the rise of the first true Ecocity; sustainable, humanitarian, zero carbon, female and child equality, peace, anti- poverty and social adhesion.  It breathes green; all transportation electric, the whole development is powered by solar.  It is economically sustainable, in other words, high return on investment of 80%.  A performance showcase of many sorts, it has the biggest horse center in the world that can accommodate 2,000 thoroughbreds for horse racing, polo and equestrian.

In a recent study from Edelman public relations, it was found that “62% [of respondents] will not buy if a brand fails to meet its obligations to consumers, the community, and society at large.”  CHER ECOCITY pre-ICO block chain / cryptocurrency fund raising is attracting a lot of keen interests from green, humanitarian advocates and activists. It is also attracting interests from Asian investors as becoming a good setting for incubation of innovative products. CHER is a showcase for 15,000 daily visitors. 100 million viewers from her LIVE sports digital broadcast and a supportive government who is keen to jointly set up a "silicon valley".  Anne-Maree McInerney, Sustainability Innovator, comments, “I've touted this for some time now - the future of corporate social responsibility (CSR) incorporates corporate activism. The brands we choose signal our identity and values. It is time to show your corporate soul!”   CHER Ecocity may be doing just that. 

Elizabeth Supeno

MSc Environmental Management,

Masters Project Management BostonUniversity. Sr. evaluator, 

NRM, DRR, Climate Change,

ISO's: 140001, 26000, & 50000, 

Six Sigma of 20+ years Worldwide 

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